Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

In both Hebrew and Arabic, the word “sababa” is slang for “awesome, fun or cool”. It originates from Arabic poetry and literally means “ardent love “or” fervent longing “. We strive to offer you an awesome, fun and cool culinary experience with our fresh, authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

Welcome to SABABA, a Mezze and Grill fast take away & restaurant serving traditional and contemporary Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine – in an ambience to match. SABABA is a combination of old and new; pure tradition mixed with innovation.


SABABA offers the same respected delicacies from mezze to salads to perfectly char-grilled and seasoned barbecue meats, creating a taste that is exclusive.

It is bright with salads; some stained pink with roast beetroot juice, others seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon or strewn with generous quantities of fresh herbs.


Here food is a celebration and it is all about uncomplicated and wholesome food with a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influence. Food is prepared fresh daily in the Sababa kitchens by a group of dedicated and passionate chefs who love to cook and “live” food. Using fresh local produce and authentic spices the choice is full of delightfully tasting Mediterranean and Middle eastern dishes.